Is the Apple iPhone 3GS Camera better than you thought?

The biggest surprise since the iPhone is its camera, much better than we thought. An increase in pixel count means a look around the internet shows up some nice photos and enthusiastic testimonies.

The focus control is one improvement which has really made a difference, the lens is much sharper. But this is not the only reason that the iPhone poses a threat to point ‘n’ shoot cameras, the 3GS is good enough for most everyday pictures, think about the much said saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. For most shots the 3GS will be good enough.

Another thing is of course Video, this is something that the first two iPhones lacked, not now the iPhone is capable of capturing, sharing and trimming according to Derrick Story. Story an experienced photographer and video pod caster even says that it’s easier to upload video from the iPhone than from a computer.

What it doesn’t have at present is a flash, although low light pictures look amazingly good, and there is no optical zoom. Having said all that its good enough to leave your camera at home.

Source – www.wired.com

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