Nokia N86 8MP Review: Superb phone for money

The new Nokia N86 8MP is a value for money smartphone but without touchscreen may feel like a step backwards, but this phone represents a new high end of non-touch mobile phones.

We found via: engadgetmobile.com the N86 8MP is outdoing the N85 and possibly beating the ageing N95 series. Anyone that has used the N95 will be pleasantly surprised with the New N86 as AAS have reported it to be one of the most solid phones Nokia has made to date (although the added chunkiness over N85 may be a drawback) .

The N86 is basically the same as the N85 other than the better camera and the active kickstand.AAS have concluded this phone to be the best device money can buy! $60 3.2 with no touch.

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