Sonim Land Rover S1 Mobile Phone: £299.99

Sonim Technologies and Land Rover have teamed up to launch the new S1. A rugged high quality mobile phone designed for those of us who like to work and play in the great outdoors.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (world’s great explorer) unveiled the new S1 which will be available from Go Mobile stores nationwide, Landrover and gomobile website’s June 2009 priced at £299.99. The S1 is compatible with a wide range of car kits, headsets and comes with charger, belt clip and headset as standard and is impervious to dust, dirt, shocks, drops, is completely waterproof to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes and can take up to 400 kgs of pressure.

Specifications for the S1 are: submersible to depth of one metre, survives drops of up to two metres, extra loud speakers, extra long battery life with over 1500 hours of standby, 18 hours of talk time, durable keyboard mechanics with extra wide buttons tested to over 500,000 pushes, IP-67 Rated, operational under temperatures from -20 to 55 C, resistant to extreme pressure up to 400kg, resistant to punctures at 75kg/cm2 of pressure and comes with a three year unconditional guarantee. For more info visit wheels unplugged


20 thoughts on “Sonim Land Rover S1 Mobile Phone: £299.99”

  1. steve says:

    landrover phone should not have landrover on it the phone is poor 12hrs standby best i got out of mine,GPS could not get to work worst phone i have ever had sent it back got my money back lucky me

  2. Adie says:

    I have had the opposite experience to Steve, had the phone for 72 hours now, used it non stop and left it on Standby when not in use. It's still showing as full battery, my old nokia would cried in the corner by now!!

    The Phone is as solid as my Land Rover Defender, so far VERY happy customer. It's not a fashion phone, no choice of ringtones etc (although i've downloaded some) BUT if you want a fashion phone there are plenty of chav phones out there… this one is rugged and serves a purpose to almost military spec!

  3. Richard says:

    Landrover mobile – I tried it out for 2 weeks, but sent it back… The biggest problem with the phone was that the screen only was able to stay on for 60 seconds maximum… Making it no good for GPS use… There were a few other problems; my speech sounded muffled when I spoke to others on phone… A few other minor problems for an ADVENTURE PHONE…


  4. trevor says:

    hi guys, i read this so called round the dealers, enduromobile (one of the sonim dealers) they say there is a firm ware update out this week, for all users who are experiencing any issues, although they say they havent had real problems with the phone just willful destruction….got to test it i say! gonna take the plunge or maybe pre order the new xp2 spirit, what do ya recon?

  5. james says:

    landrover phone is great had it a while now batter life is great it is solidly built realy easy to use only 1 real differance to nokia the space key is number 1 insted of 0 once u get used to that your away only 1 small floor loud speeker works great but the mic isnt that good when the phone is more than about a foot away

  6. Ian says:

    Bought the landrover phone and changed it within 2 weeks because the battery life was only just over a day not 62.5 as stated!! Got sent a new phone and this one is even worse. Battery has to be charged every day. At the moment I am hardly using it as i am out of work. Whole point on having this phone was that i sometimes work away from home and thought it would be good as the battery would last for the week. How wrong was i!!!!! Wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

  7. scoonic says:

    hi guys, dont dispair i had a few issues with my land rover phone, battery not lasting more than 48hours, (it did work fine then it didn’t) and my speaker wouldn’t turn up.

    Well one of the SONIMS UK REPRESETATIVES, ENDUROMOBILE have a really handy sonim support section with a full factory reset proceedure, went through it and my phone has been fine for 3weeks now, on the same charge!!….ok not that long but it fixed my problem without doing anything else.

    happy with the phone again

  8. john says:

    i"ve had my landrover si sonim 2 weeks no problems took the dogs out for walk over fields dropped phone in deep puddle wiped off no problem with phone ,its easy to use and looks good dont know why all the negative talk it does the job a tough reliable phone

  9. Simon Brookes says:

    These phones are junk, albeit tough junk. On handset number four now, had charging failure, software failure and complete failure to boot up. I WILL NOT GET ANOTHER IN IT'S PRESENT FORM AND WOULD NOT RECCOMEND IT TO ANYONE.
    The absence of video and inability to multi-media message is a downside. This phone does not promise enough and delivers even less.

  10. herman says:

    This phone is 'like the car' (land rover) a piece of crap that is for ever in the garage getting fixed! Now if Audi/Bmw was behind the making/design of this phone 'You would most defiantly be pleased'……………… Well their NOT so this i why! i wouldn't buy sonim phone or a bloody crappy landrover) lol…..

    1. Brutus says:

      dude, its made by Sonim-tech from U.S.A., an independent mobile phone company, and not an auto maker. Land Rover made some sort of deal with them. Although you right on with the problems it's got. The new phone launched by Sonim, the Xp1300 core is devoid of a camera and GPS, amongst many other things, and the main reason i think why they did that was that they just couldn't handle the software issues, speakers etc, so they came out with a simpler phone,lol.

  11. I'm about to get one tomorrow, and from what I read it seems to be a good phone. All the people that complained about it, got another one exactly the same in it's place. If you hate it that much, why get another one?! I like the look, I like the rugged features and I'm getting one. I'm giving up the Iphone for it because I think it's a man's phone. I won't post here again, because men don't have issues with phones… lol 🙂

  12. stephen says:

    I cant understand all the negative comments,It is not designed with fashion in mind.Why are people buying this phone for videos, picture sending etc you do really need to keep to your i phones, of which my daughter broke hers in a week . It is perfect for my requirements, it texts, has internet, camera, phones out and receives calls my other daughter takes it in the bath with her and i use it for work, travelling,camping etc.
    72 hours and still full battery. It looks rugged a mans phone and too lives up to my Defenders reputation.
    If you are like me do i need any more.

  13. Mike says:

    Brilliant phone! Used every day and only needs charging about once a month. Been dropped in mud, dropped in the workshop, stood on, just keeps going. It's basic yes, but if you want an iphone then buy one, if you want a rugged, dependable, simple, phone for calling people (like the telephone was invented for) then you cant do better. As for muffling, it does become a little muffled when dropped in water, but simply blow the water off the speaker and its as right as rain again.

  14. k masters says:

    i have had my landrover phone for 18 months no problems at all battery life is exerlent dropped it a tew times it bounced . when it gets dirty i just wash it under the tap so i would recomend this phone 100 per cent

  15. john says:

    what ever the problem was it is sorted had mine for 24 months as a free upgrade from thephonetrader and they have just offer me either the new Sonim xp3300 or another Landrover phone. The only difference i can see is no landrover badge anymore and a slight face lift.

  16. Dave C says:

    Brought 2 of these phones but found the battery runs flat on both after only 18 hours of being turned on, do I need to freeze the batteries or can anyone give me some tips on keeping the battery from going flat

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