Developers not rushing to create games for iPhone 3GS?

With the arrival of the iPhone 3GS game developers are being wooed to the faster platform; however, one shouldn’t expect an influx of mobile games ready to fully take advantage of the Apple iTunes App Store just yet, reports an article on Cnet.

The iPhone 3GS has already sold in excess of 1 million but still remains a niche product when compares to the 40 million of the original iPhone , iPhone 3G and iPod Touch which won’t be able to run games as efficiently as the 3GS.

Basically it is too early to claim the era of the iPhone 3GS games has arrived. This is due to some developers waiting or not developing games for the iPhone 3GS at all. This wait and see approach may not be what some expected but then the iPhone 3GS was basically an update to the iPhone 3G; for the full story follow the link.


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