Do you have overheating problems on iPhone 3GS? Send us photos

We have reported a few times about the overheating problem on the all new Apple iPhone 3GS which you can read about here and here, we want to hear about it from you.

We have NOT had any real hard evidence as of yet of overheating issues and that is why we are asking you to let us know about it and of course send us photos as well if you can. Just email the photos to us at mark@phonesreview.co.uk and we will publish them accordingly.

We have the White Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB version and have had no such problem, so please do send us photos and your personal mini-review of the above problem on overheating. Thanks


5 thoughts on “Do you have overheating problems on iPhone 3GS? Send us photos”

  1. Remo says:

    Ok, so you are going from internet rumors of a heating “issue” to begging for evidence. What, the guy who posted the picture of the alleged discoloration wasn’t enough for you? I am shocked since most internet blogs and computer magazines are acting like it is the absolute truth and Apple should be recalling it already.

    BTW – that photo of the discoloration is an obvious fake in case you had any thoughts otherwise. Your call for photographs of “evidence” is really going to get the photoshop programs working overtime.

  2. draculas castle says:

    I have the new iphone too..same one White 32 gb.After 2 days that I got it I started noticing a tiny white spot on the corner of the screen,like if someone had put a magnet on it.After a couple days it started spreading so I took it back to the store.They told me that the Lcd screen was burning and that’s why it was getting worse.I’m sure it had to do something with over heating too.

  3. amar says:

    I have a Iphone 3gs black 32GB I have heating problem noticed it in the store it self when pro attached to a mac and started activation it took about 10 mins, when I touched it was very hot when asked he couldn’t answer

  4. Burtus says:

    I have recently switched from 3G (I6gb) to 3GS (32gb). I have palmed the 3G off to my wife thinking I was getting the better handset..I was wrong.. After 3 weeks, the handset is infanatley slower on Wifi download and upload speeds..3G DL 4.5meg UL 0.8meg 3GS DL 1.5meg UL 0.4 …….Applications requiring GPS constantly glitch and yes I’m afraid to say,but also heats up when I use the camera…..Needless to say I’m returning my 3GS with a replacment handset with the hope that it’s A 1-1000 fault….

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