Rumour and Speculation: Possibility of Nokia 12-Megapixel Camera Phones

There are rumours and speculations flying around at the moment saying that Nokia are working on a brand new 12-Megapixel camera phone, please do not shoot the messenger we are only reporting what we hear and read.

Apparently according the source links below Nokia will be bringing these new designs sometime in 2010, Nokia are apparently working on bringing a range of new phones which is all good if true. At the moment Nokia’s best camera phone is at 8.megapixel which is the Nokia N86 (Specs here), so going from 8 to 12 is a nice jump.

There are 12-megapixel camera phones out there which are the Samsung Pixon 12 and the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Satio so with Nokia coming aboard the 12 MP band wagon we can see an even better future for Nokia. No official word from Nokia as of yet but we will keep you posted.

Source — Mobile Burn via Mobile Choice UK

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