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We here at Phones Review (phonesreview.co.uk) will be bringing you in-depth hands-on reviews of the new Apple iPhone 3GS, the one we got was the white 32GB version. Today we will just mention a few things to give you a quick insight to what we think so far.

This is new smartphone from Apple and is definitely a big step up in mobile technology but we still believe that this new 3GS is a carbon copy to the 3G model when it comes to design, the hardware and software side of things has taken a big jump for the better. You will find that the 3GS is lag free and you will notice when pressing the icons they open very quickly indeed, but is this the 3GS phone or the OS 3.0 that brings us lag free openings? Personally we put it down to both parties.

The new iPhone 3G S comes with the OS 3.0 already installed which adds landscape keyboard for multiple applications, cut and paste, Spotlight search, MMS Messaging etc, but it is the new iPhone 3GS that comes with a better camera at 3 megapixels, video recording with editing, voice control, GPS turn-by-turn navigation, stereo Bluetooth support etc.

The new iPhone 3GS has the fingerprint-resistant coating which you have to apply yourself (You will find this in the box when you open it), the phone is still 4.4 by 2.4 by 0.48 inches and weighs 4.76 ounces with a 3.5-inch display.

We bought the White Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB version on Pay & Go from O2 at a cost of £538 but you do have to buy a top up which costs £10, so total costs is £548. The 3GS features a 600MHz Samsung ARM processor and 32KB of Level 1 cache whereas the older model featured a 418MHz ARM processor and 16KB cache.

The bit we like the most is the voice control which gives you voice-dialing capabilities, just simply hold down the home button and say out a loud “Call Mark” or the name you have saved in your contacts, you can even say “Call 0184369????” and the phone will say calling 0184369????, if you have multiple numbers under one name and you say “Call Mark” the phone will say back to you “Mark has Multiple numbers”, then the ladies voice will give you the two options. The voice control is easy to use and very accurate at recognising voices; well done Apple is all we can say. You can also use the voice control to control your music etc and much more (We will bring you more reviews on this).

The sound when playing music on the 3GS is much superior to the older 3G model and overall we love the iPhone 3GS and would definitely recommend it, the only downside we have is that the phone itself is pretty expensive. Keep coming back because we will be posting more reviews on this phone with pictures as well.

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