PhoneSuit MiLi Pro portable projector for Apple iPhone

PhoneSuit are planning to release its MiLi Pro portable video projector for the iPhone and iPod Touch this September.The MiLi Pro portable projector docks directly into your iPhone or iPod touch, has its own speakers, swappable batteries and the entire device folds up for easy storage.

The MiLI Pro incorporates the latest technology, LCOS, LED driven micro projector which fits into the palm of your hand, display’s 640×480 high resolution images on most viewing surfaces, uses focus wheel to fine tune your image and you can scale your iPhone’s video up to 40 inch screen for eye strain free viewing.

This portable projector will be compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touch and iPod classic. Specifications are: Projector Screen Size 5-70 inches. Optimal 40 inches, Brightness 10 Lumens, Brightness 10 Lumens, Charging Time 3 Hours, Max Resolution 480P, VGA, 640×480, LED Lifetime 20,000 Hours, AV Input Sources iPhone / iPod Connector, RCA, VGA and will be available in black and white. As of yet there is no word on price but I am sure many reviewers will be testing the lifespan and projection capabilities of this interesting device.


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