iPhone 3.1 Beta Recap Warning: ultrasn0w Users do not download

The iPhone Dev-Team have issued warnings to all you ultrasn0w users wishing to download the all new iPhone 3.1 Beta, we have already mentioned this earlier but this is a recap warning to let you know again.

The iPhone 3.1 is all good with new features etc but these warnings about jailbreak/unlock users and new firmware updates should be read carefully, the dev-team says that ultrasn0w users must stay away from official 3.1 including beta versions or you will lose the unlock for good.

So the bottom line is; do NOT download no matter how nice it all sounds, let the dev team test the tools out first and when they are ready they will let you know.

Source — The iPhone Blog


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  1. My brand new 32gb 3g s was giving me problems anytime i would plug in my charger, the screen would flash and go crazy. I did not want to wait for a new phone from apple so i found the website i linked to my name above and got Apple developers account access and installed 3.1 beta and this fixed my problem. hope that helps someone else.

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