Apple iPhone 3GS overheating turns white to yellow

Disappointment lies in wait for Apple fans eagerly unwrapping there shiny new iPhone 3GS, as what appears before them is a very unappealing yellow on screen tint, that in some cases has pushed handsets beyond usability.

This problem has been around before and is similar to the one that affected the iPhone 3G, some users have described the discolouration as a ‘warmer’ tone where as others find it totally irritating especially when the phone becomes unusable.

Although this is not a widespread problem, it has attracted some 24 pages of comments on Apple discussions, with UK 3GS owners airing their frustration on an 02 forum. Strangely enough comments in an Apple discussion include some speculation as to why none of the 3GS handsets on display in shops seem to show the same problem? True as form Apple are not saying anything.

Some consumers with affected handsets are having them replaced whilst some unlucky others have been told “the problem is in your imagination” or “it will fix itself over time“!. In a nut shell your options are to either persisting at the shop where you purchased it or admit that a ‘warmer’ screen is just what you always wanted.

source – theregister.co.uk

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