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As the news headlines continue to talk about the sad unexpected death of Michael Jackson, it is said that he will be returned to his beloved Neverland ranch, where it is said that his body will lie in state for his millions of fans to say there final goodbyes.

His coffin will apparently be driven some 130 miles to Neverland, Michaels former fantasy home. The Jackson family say they want Michael to “look like a prince” as fans turn up from around the world to pay their final respects.

Michael who died last Thursday aged just 50 will be laid to rest in Neverland although details are still being finalised. It has been said that there will be a wow factor for his final journey and the carriage is being hidden and is top secret. His songs are all over the charts at the moment which is great news, we all love to listen to his music and will do so for many more years, why not get your free Man in the mirror ringtone.


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