How is your Apple iPhone 3GS holding up?

If you are a lucky owner of the new Apple wonderphone the iPhone 3GS, you by now will have had chance to have a good play around with it.

And now that you have had said iPhone 3GS playtime we’d like to know your views on how your shiny new iPhone 3GS is holding up.

Had any problems, experienced anything nasty with your new handset, how about any heat problems or discolouration? Maybe your iPhone 3GS is the best mobile phone you have ever owned. Whatever your views on your iPhone 3GS we’d be happy to hear them so feel free to drop us a comment below.



6 thoughts on “How is your Apple iPhone 3GS holding up?”

  1. Jack says:

    Flawless so far. Speed and Power of the phone is amazing. Can’t wait for 7.2 MBITS !!

    Battery is more powerful so it does take a bit longer to charge, though that’s to be expected in this case.

  2. Serge says:

    Works like a Apple product… over all Great….yes it dose heat up, but nothing that would be too hot to handle, and i have a white one, and no discolouration.

    Camera = Good
    Video = Great.. So easy
    Voice = OK.. sometimes it fails…
    Compass = Ok.. Sometimes its faces a little bit to the wrong direction.

  3. Pli says:

    Its awesome.

    I just switched from my blackberry. The app store is outstanding. I can’t see my self switching back.

    I can pretty much run 80% of my business from this phone, thanks to the apps in the app store.

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