Is Apple winning? iPhone 3GS, Nokia N97, Palm Pre and HTC Hero

The battle lines in the smartphone wars have been drawn as the iPhone 3GS goes up against the likes of the Palm Pre, HTC Hero and the Nokia N97, but which will come out top?

According to an article on t3.com, Apple boss Steve Jobs , after a 6 month hiatus has returned and within minutes Jobs was crowning the iPhone 3GS the victor saying “Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning.”

But apparently, managing director of Nokia UK, Mark Loughran isn’t afraid to take on Jobs’ statements and remarked the iPhone 3GS is evolution not revolution, and anyone looking for the latest innovation will opt for the Nokia N97.

Samsung acknowledges that Apple is a competitor in the smartphone arena, while Palm Pre maker Palm, along with HTC declined to offer any comment.

So readers what is your view, do you think the iPhone 3GS is winning?


6 thoughts on “Is Apple winning? iPhone 3GS, Nokia N97, Palm Pre and HTC Hero”

  1. Pintu says:

    iPhone is still lacking lot of Basic phone features and it’s more of Internet phone on the other side Nokia, Samsung, HTC and others are providing very good hardware and software with more functionality.
    Also people are now slowly realizing after buying iPhone they are paying very high rentals.

  2. Dario says:

    iPhone will be better and better. Since interface is mase so fancy and user friendly and since app store works much better than ovi store I think Apple is going to win even if it\’s new in telekom market.

  3. kartik says:

    iphone is much better than n97!
    n 97 has a too slow processor as compared to the 3gs.
    And iphone’s UI and applications makes it the clear winner!!!!!!

  4. V says:

    None of these phones stand a chance against the HTC Hero. If the actual phone, and not the brand, meant sales, the iPhone would be way less popular than it is. The UI on the Hero beats all, its got the best UI by far, with Sense added to Android being a seamless interface for all to customize. Its browser is years ahead of Apple’s with officially added multi-touch. It has a 5 megapixel camera which is very uncommon in a smartphone and is made from the best materials (see: Teflon coating) which makes iPhone users feel like they are holding a toy.

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