Video: iPhone 3GS vs. Nokia N97 Comparison

Last month was a big month for smartphones with Apple releasing their new iPhone 3GS, and not too long after Nokia began shipping their new flagship Nokia N97 in North America.

Now as we know, the iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97 are both GSM and thus compete against each other from pricing to features, and naturally there is a video comparison between these two giants of the smartphone arena.

The video comparison between the iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97 last 10 minutes and goes into a detailed comparison to highlight the differences between these two much sort after handsets and can be viewed below.


2 thoughts on “Video: iPhone 3GS vs. Nokia N97 Comparison”

  1. Momo says:

    I decided to get an iphone 3gs after years of using the n95gb and recently upgrading to N97.

    I was so surprising how much I missed Nokia over the last week, the things that frustrated me with the iphone are below:

    • The level of restriction
    • Gimped Bluetooth (eg no tethering for free over bluetoth)
    • Bad camera and video quality with no flash (it is not just about the nokia 5mp it is the quality of the camera)
    • Lack of flash support in the browser
    • Quality loud speaker
    • Option of physical keys
    • Options in map software and current inability for turn by turn although it is coming soon at a price, I had Nokia maps goggle maps and tom tom on my nokias
    • When I travel abroad I am restricted to AT&T sim
    • Industry-Standard USB Port
    • Removable Battery (so annoying when phone crashes)
    • User-Configurable Equalizer
    • User-Accessible File System
    • After cracking screen I missed the durability of Nokia devices.

    Luckily I was still able to sell the device and hook back up my N97 on to at&t with a $15 data plan.

    I am an apple man as I am a video editor by trade, I own tens of thousands of dollars worth of apple product, I love the software on the I phone but it is too restrictive. If you have used symbian devices for a long time, you just know how to do stuff and you get so much out of your device. It seems weird for first time users but there is just so much you can get out of a top Nokia phone its hard to explain, it is defintley not for those that like idiot prof devices, its more for those that want more from their device.

    Its great market competition. I had to see what the I phone was all about, but I just cant justify leaving Nokia.

  2. damon says:

    momo, thanks for the review. ive only used the iphone, but from all the reviews ive read it confirms wat u r saying – n97 has better specs, ppl prefer the ease of use of the iphone, but as u say, once u get used to the nokia its the value of wat u get out of the fone that counts. i think they r both overpriced for how much id use it (lotsa cool stuff that id only use once every 6 months) so im leaning towards the super cheap but good value nokia 5800… if only it was a bit nicer looking 🙂

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