Videos: Nokia Tough Phone Tests?

Apparently there is a new mobile phone on its way from Nokia although at this time we have no idea what it is called or any other details except that it is one touch mobile phone from Nokia.

This new tough Nokia prototype handset was put through some rather unscientific tests to see just how tough it is and we have the videos of those tests for your viewing please below.

The first if the “rugby boot” test and the second is the “golf club” test, and apparently after both tests the Nokia handset still works, although I wouldn’t try these personally.


One thought on “Videos: Nokia Tough Phone Tests?”

  1. dan says:

    dropped my 3720 from my pocket after 8 days. Screen stopped working, nokia would not repair. Every phone i've ever owned i've dropped at some point in it's life. This is the weakest most delicate phone with the shortest life span i've ever had.

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