Feutrefon Feltphone Concept Mobile Phone looks hot

I am sure you will be quite intrigued by this concept Feutrefon Feltphone mobile phone designed by Matthias Pugin.

The Feutrefon Feltphone is a concept foldable mobile, featuring leather and felt case. The inner black body and outer white surface of this mobile phone would capture the attention of a whole range of users. When unfolded, the Feutrefon becomes flat, without any noticeable joints between the lower and upper part, it folds closed nicely and opens up without any break in any of the materials.

Its keyboard is designed in a way in which to give the impression of touch buttons, includes leather surface, Velcro washer, display electronic module keypad, SIM slot, battery and laser-cut felt and is available in three different colours, blue, white and green. The Feutrefon comes across as being a bit like a wallet, fold it up and put it in your pocket. We found via intomobile some images of this phone have a look let us know what you think.

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