Nokia N97 Superior to iPhone 3GS says new Nokia UK GM

Nokia looks to be taking fire at the Apple iPhone with its latest flagship handset the Nokia N97, as an article on mobile today has Mark Loughran, the recently appointed UK General Manager for Nokia throwing some dirty at the iPhone 3GS.

Apparently, Loughran stated that “The new iPhone is an evolution rather than a revolution and for people trying to decide whether to get a Nokia N97 or an iPhone, it comes down to a decision on performance and value for money.”

Also he believes the Nokia N97 will “outperform” the iPhone 3GS, and is confident the Nokia N97 will prove superior to the iPhone due to its better camera, radical change in styling and lower tariffs.

So what do you think readers, is the Nokia N97 better than the iPhone 3GS?


2 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Superior to iPhone 3GS says new Nokia UK GM”

  1. YSL says:

    I currently have both and while the N97 with the most recent firmware update is better than before (the firmware update), it’s still has a bit of a clunky interface. The keyboard’s travel isn’t that great too, so it can be difficult to tell if you’ve hit a key or not. The iPhone on the other hand is easier to use and more intuitive. I decided to give up the N97 and keep my iPhone 3GS and N82.

  2. oliver says:

    I have owned the iPhone and it is too fiddly and irritating to get used to I recently purchased the Nokia N97 and I have to say it is one of the best phones I have experienced, it is easy to use and has some amazing specs (32GB SPACE FOR EXAMPLE) I cannot see myself getting a new phone in the near future unless a newer N-Series comes out!

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