Toshiba TG01 video plus UK launch and conclusion

The new Toshiba TG01 has made a big splash on its arrival in the UK. This is Toshiba’s most significant attempt to date at penetrating the smartphone market, coming complete with Snapdragon.

The Toshiba TG01 is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 and is the first smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset running at 1GHz. The device feels light in the hand, which also makes it very easy to handle. The back is protected by a flexible and lightweight plastic which still has a robust feel to it. Toshiba have paid particular attention to detail throughout, and the TG01 is built to last. It has a glossy screen and you may be able to see your face more so than the movie, if any of the scenes are slightly darkened.

Toshiba have attempted to combine menu categorization with easily accessible submenu, although you can only have three stripes on screen at any one time and so you end up having to do a few more swipes before getting to that one tap. Have a look at engadget at their conclusion on this new Toshiba TG01. Now check out the videos provided below.

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