Video: Samsung Galaxy i7500 Boldly Goes

I bet you’ve never seen a Samsung Galaxy i7500 like this before. What we have here is a video presentation depicting the new Android platform Samsung Galaxy i7500 at a starship, which more than resembles the Starship Enterprise.

And well as a full fledged Star Trek fan this video is the biz, it has got to be one of the best and quite unique promo videos I’ve seen in a while.

Hit up and check out the Samsung Galaxy i7500 promo video below which takes you along with the Starship Galaxy through the Android Galaxy picking up all the Android apps along the way…Love it.


One thought on “Video: Samsung Galaxy i7500 Boldly Goes”

  1. javajoe says:

    What a waste of marketing. Just get the phone out in the UK. It has been promised for so long I have given up and will go for a HTC Hero. Samsung’s loss for delaying for so long after setting expectations. Shame on you.

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