Flash Player for iPhone: Have you got it yet?

It’s probably the most sort after thing on the Apple iPhone yet still the iPhone doesn’t have Flash support.

However, no doubt one day Adobe and Apple will get together and finally come up with some fort of Flash that can be used on the iconic smartphone and that day no doubt all iPhone users will rejoice.

When Flash eventually comes to the iPhone, you will of course need to know how to install Flash onto the iPhone. So what we have below is a video tutorial showing how to install Flash Player for iPhone 3G or iPod Touch1/2, so hit it up and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Flash Player for iPhone: Have you got it yet?”

  1. movieman1942 says:

    Looks great what are the cons ? (screwing up the iTouch or iphone with 3.0 update. I noticed you said you were using 2.2.1 ??? thanks !!!

  2. 5 star wedding says:

    I have been looking for flash player for my iPhone for ages. Flash on a smart phone should have been sorted years ago, it can’t be that hard to develop…

  3. Dave says:

    there are a lot of cons when it comes to a Flash Player for the iPhone, the iPhone ARM processor will eventually be consumed because Flash Player in OSX takes a lot of your processor , this is not Apple’s fault , it’s Adobe , they do not want to restructurate Flash Player to make it work as its suppose to just compare a flash website on Windows with a Flash website in OSX , the one on OSX takes far more from the processor than Windows, and the second con in the iPhone could be the battery , Flash is an intense application and it could drain the battery faster that what you think….so yeah , no Flash Player on the iPhone now if you want to have flash so badly then buy a Flash lite enabled phone , not that you can do a lot but its something and most phones mainly from Japan come with Flash Lite and Adobe Reader Lite.

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