Palm Pre Owners Complain about no Virtual Keyboard

According to an article on electronista, many Palm Pre owners are complaining that the Palm Pre smartphone lacks an on-screen keyboard like that found on the iPhone.

Apparently many users what that on-screen keyboard but have no option to use the hardware keyboard, and apparently they don’t like the way it slides out either.

On the other hand many like Synergy and are impressed with the concept of using cards for multitasking in the webOS. But the big bug is the lack of a virtual keyboard says analysts, so maybe Palm will be looking to port one to the Palm Pre eventually.


One thought on “Palm Pre Owners Complain about no Virtual Keyboard”

  1. John says:

    Idiot, read the article and the survery before you make blatently unfounded claims. The survey done by the marketing group said that the users like the physical keyboard, but it be nice to have an onscreen keyboard so they wouldn’t have to slide it out for short text entry. There was nothing about not liking how it slide out. Clearly irresposnsible here and opening yourself up for lawsuits….oh yeah, and use some proper english.

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