BlackBerry Tour 9630: How to play iTunes MP4

The new BlackBerry Tour 9630 has the ability to play multimedia files and specifically audio and huliq has come up with a How To play iTunes MP4 article to help new owners out.

The BlackBerry Tour 9630 supports MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, and WMV video formats, while supporting audio formats MP3, WMA, WMA ProPlus, AAC, AAC+, and eAAC+.

So here’s how to convert iTunes MP4 to MP3…connect the unit to a computer via USB…enable the BlackBerry as Mass Storage Device…double click BlackBerry folder…copy music file to the handset…disconnect the handset and go to “Multimedia” icon… click Music icon…click Music Card folder…select music…select song…play…job done.


One thought on “BlackBerry Tour 9630: How to play iTunes MP4”

  1. lasdjf says:

    Ummmm… was this a cheeky article? You’re not ‘converting’ to mp3, you’re just playing mp4 is that right? Why didn’t you just say it could play mp4s?

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