Has Sprint got problems launching BlackBerry Tour?

According to an article on fudzilla, people who are waiting to gain a BlackBerry Tour on Sprint are likely to experience yet another problem filled launch in the tradition of problem launches from Sprint.

Apparently although Sprint has stated they will launch the BlackBerry Tour 9630 beginning the 12th of July, sources have said that launch date is nothing more than a paper launch.

Sprint won’t allow pre-orders of the BlackBerry Tour until July 12th and then apparently customers receive a canned backorder notice from Sprint, and Sprint customer service is giving little or no information as to why the BlackBerry Tour 9630 order was placed on backorder status.


5 thoughts on “Has Sprint got problems launching BlackBerry Tour?”

  1. Jansen says:

    Sprint Sucks. Everything they do sucks. I know a kid at work who has verizon and he got his Tour, he must be the coolest kid in the world. This dude that sits right next to him has Sprint and ordered the Tour the same day, and still doesn’t have it because his is backordered. What a Loser!

  2. Lynn McLarty says:

    So did AT&T or Verizon pay you to publish a bogus report that Sprint has consistently experiences launch problems? How can you people sleep at night?

  3. tour owner says:

    Why are you such a Sprint hater? Your article could have been written by a 5th grader. Where are the facts? You should try delving into something a little more enlightening like… why did Apple single out the Pre from using iTunes – does Apple see Pre as a threat?

    The Tour did launch on time as expected. It sold out and additional inventory is expected from RIM on 7/20. Sprint doesn’t manufacture the stuff, they just resell it. They haven’t found a way to grow it on trees or make it appear under their pillow like the tooth fairy does.

  4. kf says:

    I work for the company in Corporate sales although we may be on back order now; the orders that I have placed have been fulfilled and the customer is enjoying the device on the fastest 3G network. Your info is only half correct…

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