Motorola Ivory E18 is way too expensive

A luxury cellphone at a cost? You may of thought of the Aura, either as an object of unattainable techno lust or you just need to spend a grand or two fast.

According to Mobile Review, Motorola had absolutely no intention of putting on the brakes there. The Ivory E18 featured a slider with two movements one for function keys and a longer one for the T9 keypad. A 3 megapixel camera and a small footprint.

The price I hear you asking eagerly is approximately $2,821 for the stainless steel chassis, however planned chassis in gold and platinum would increase the price quite dramatically to “several tens of thousands” of Euros. The carriers were aware of the sheer silliness of the much desired extravagant phone even if Motorola wasn’t. It has been said that the lack of interest shown by the carriers is what caused Moto to sack the project.

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