Android Donut 2.0 build available, G1 heaven

Android has updated a fresh load of Donut stuff over the past couple of days and as I’m sure you can imagine the dev community is having a ball with it.

Reports show that all of the features shown earlier this year have made it through in one form or another including universal search, text to speech and multitouch with gesture support to name but a few.

The codebase is showing clear signs of CDMA support, which is a must for Sprint and Verizon, both of whom will shortly have Android sets at one point or another. More excitingly developments continue on a couple of major fronts here mainly Donut build is actively being ported to handsets which are current, and an Android Dev Phone 1 – T Mobile G1 version is apparently already available.

For more information go to engadgetmobile.com

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