Donut is not 2.0 and no multitouch according to Android member

The bakery themed codename for Android from Goggle has been a source of humour and amusement for bloggers, readers and users.

With only a few builds actually blessed as gold, retail versions only at this stage. It’s intriguing whether codenames such as Donut, Éclair & Flan will or wont end up in version numbers.

It’s been said recently by Roman Guy, that the Donut is not 2.0 although he hasn’t specified what it is Jam? Also apparently Cupcake wasn’t 1.5 though 1.5 finally ended up being composed largely of improvements of the Cupcake code branch. So are Google simply making a similar distinction between the two. Donut is nothing really but a line of code that’s being actively developed. Roman also states that the Donut is doesn’t include the said multitouch support.

Source – engadgetmobile

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