LG Chocolate BL40 gains a short hands-on review

Looks like the new LG Chocolate BL40 smartphone has been caught out in the wild as a post on sina.com has a couple of pictures from some nice hands-on time with the mobile phone.

Although they don’t let us know much that we already don’t know about the LG Chocolate BL40 handset and its 21:9 aspect ratio display.

The reviewer goes on about the sleek and slim design and 4 inch screen with its 800 x 345 pixel resolution combined with the S-Class 3D user interface but nothing really new. Still it’s nice to see the LG Chocolate LB40 being outed by someone other than the FCC.


One thought on “LG Chocolate BL40 gains a short hands-on review”

  1. SamPowell says:

    Just received my LG LB40 this morning, and since using in thoroughly throughout the day have noticed a slight problem …

    … the phone has a habit of turning itself off within my pocket, and becomes inactive (even to the power button being held).

    The only way to bring it back to life is to remove and replace teh battery thus having to switch the phone on again.

    Any ideas/theories/help welcome (sam-powell@hotmail.co.uk)

    p.s no i haven’t dropped it, shaken it repeatedly or worn those absurdly tight jeans.

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