Could the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini be Mac-tastic

We have all talked about the new Blackberry Curve 8520, well now it has found a dedicated landing page on its maker’s website.

This is pretty much par for the course with RIM. After growing acquainted with its features the company finally confesses. The long awaited Blackberry Curve 8520 has landed. USA T-Mobile release date has now been confirmed for August 5th for $48.88 (from Walmart anyway) on two year contract.

We are not sure whether it may or may not go to Gemini on T-Mobile. The specifications for the Curve 8520 are: Video recording mode, 2 megapixel camera, WiFi radio, fairly robust media player, 320 x 240 resolution display, 1,150mAh battery and Rim also promises Mac compatibility, allowing you to sync contacts, calendars and notes using Blackberry Desktop Software on Apple computers. Although the Mac-specific version will not arrive until September.

Source – engadgetmobile


One thought on “Could the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini be Mac-tastic”

  1. bb user says:

    Well first off this is an amazing phone i would recommend it to everyone its surely worth every penny so for now i have no complains except the the camera which is not so great for night usage, though its absolutely fantastic for messaging and i surely hope if u have to chose this phone over a nokia (e series) i hope you go for this one.

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