Google Android: Apple gains victory for iPhone ad claims

The Advertising Standards Authority has come in with a ruling that Apple can claim their iPhone applications store is superior to the Google Android application store claims The Guardian.

The ASA rejected several complaints from fans of the Google Android T-Mobile G1 over a television advert for the Apple iTunes App Store, stating the advert is misleading.

In all the ASA received ten complaints stating the advert was misleading as the T-Mobile G1 offers a similar application marketplace. This small victory over Google Android will be welcomed by Apple as twice last year they fell foul of the ASA and had 2 adverts banned.


One thought on “Google Android: Apple gains victory for iPhone ad claims”

  1. ez says:

    At least its a nice indicator that Apple starts to feel threatened by Android.
    I’m pretty sure Apple won’t stand a chance in the long run anyway if Google keeps pushing.

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