What would you like from iPhone 3.1 update?

That is a big question for many iPhone toting iPhoners out there. There has been lots of talk about the iPhone 3.1 update including iPhone tethering and copy & paste for images, but generally the iPhone does have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Tethering has been around for quite some time on other mobile phones, and so has the copy and paste feature, and sending MMS messages as well. The iPhone although being an exceptional piece of technology has been lagging being in the more normal features expected in a handset of today.

So readers, what we would like to know is… What would you like from iPhone 3.1 update?


2 thoughts on “What would you like from iPhone 3.1 update?”

  1. slider5634 says:

    My only two remaining annoyances with my iPhone 3G are this:

    1) Since the first release we’ve been through how many updates and hardware refreshes and I still can’t choose a third party tone for emails, texts, etc. When are they going to unlock this?!?!?! The default set of tones they give you are dull crap and half the time I can’t hear them. I have some fantastic voice tones I’d like to use in place of them and I’d really appreciate it if Apple would please let me!!!

    2) Why on earth is voice control locked to the 3GS only?!?!?! The last time I looked, voice activation was a piece of software and the only harware requirement is a machine with a microphone on it. And don’t give me the two cents about the 3G not being powerful enough for it; my 5 year old RAZR was able to do this with only a fraction of the processing power and memory. If you can show me a legitimate hardware flaw that prevents this from working, great. Otherwise, Hey Apple, I’ve got a phone here with a mic on it. Please give me my voice control function. KTHXBYE.

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