Apple iPhone 3GS Jailbreak: Dealers and Terrorist Support

Most people wouldn’t dream of supporting terrorism, but apparently some unknowingly do according to Apple as Wired reports that Apple claims jailbroken iPhones can be used to attack and disable mobile towers.

Furthermore jailbroken iPhones also help drug dealers to escape the reach of the law. Apple wants iPhone users to believe that iPhone hackers could potentially launch “cyber attacks” against wireless networks.

Of course this is all part of the battle by Apple to get iPhone users to stop jailbreaking their iPhone and as the present version of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 states…“no person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title,” which basically means if you jailbreak the iPhone you are breaking the law.

Apple now claims that jailbreaking gives access to the baseband code and with some clever hacking; cyber terrorists could send commands to a mobile tower and render it useless.


5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3GS Jailbreak: Dealers and Terrorist Support”

  1. Hallewell says:

    Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me, because if this is true, then can’t any smartphone be used in the same way? Wouldn’t terrorists and dope dealers be able to do the same thing with a laptop? And while we’re creating FUD, let’s not forget child pornographers.

  2. Derick says:

    Wow lol Apple here’s some advice if a program launched from your OS can disable wireless towers then you have a promblem. There is no way you can stop people from jailbreaking their iphones it’s easy and opens up alot of cool creative features that you can’t get from the sham of a program called the app store. Someone correct me if i’m wrong but Apple has strict restrictions regarding the apps they put or don’t put in the App Store. No room for creativity at all i mean the apps have been better but nothing compared to cydia at all.

  3. Ike D says:

    This is just Apple showing the dark side below its happy shiny “different” surface. Just like the music companies trying to kill musical piracy and abjectly failing, Apple is trying to use old school muscleboy strongarm tactics to turn the customer into their personal b****.

    As much as they make great products, they have a long history of this behavior. Killing off the Mac Clones in the late 90s arguably saved Apple but it also destroyed a true alternative to the Mac.

    Apple is a corporation. Don’t EVER forget that. A corporation is a financial beast and predator who’s ONLY mission is to make money. ANY WAY it can.
    By putting the average iphone user , who made the product so successful for Apple in the same league as terrorists and drug dealers, is using pure FEAR to try and sway opinion to Apple’s favor.

    To any person with a gram of common sense, all it does is show their utter DESPERATION at trying to halt a process that consenting owners voluntarily apply to their iphone every day in order to have a better user experience.

    The DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act which granted an exemption in 2006 for three years to allow the legal unlocking of phones is up for review this October. Apple is one of many companies trying to poison the well and take away this technological freedom we enjoy and use as responsible owners of personal technology. This October is crucial as Congress will decide to either extend the unlocking (and by extension: jailbreaking) exemption, make it permanent or close it. I am REALLY , TRULY hoping they do not DO kill it.

    If Apple tried this in Europe, the EU would hand it back its a** in an anti trust sling. If mighty Microsoft was cowed by our progressive EU brethren, Apple would be easy pickings.

    If Apple wants to deny the very people who made it successful, I can honestly say, there’s going to be a helluva lot of users who have no problems waving bye bye to the Big (Rotten) Apple with their middle digit.

    Att being j***offs is one thing, but Apple? C’mon?
    Never bite the hand that feeds you, as a huge backhand slap will usually follow that…

  4. Dana Lawton says:

    Reminds me of Goldman Sachs when they reported that one of their IT people may have stolen a very dangerous trading program. One that could be potentially dangerous the the security of the United States. Turned out it was this “flash order” program and they were using it themselves to front run trades by ordinary individuals. Typical BS. They didn’t want anybody else encroaching on their cash cow.

  5. Patti says:

    I don’t have much to say to this other than this is pure bull shit. Like the 1st poster said, is if this was really possible then wouldn’t these people also be able to do the same damn thing using a laptop or a blackberry!? Come on! If Apple doesn’t want their precious iPhone unlocked then maybe they should think about having other carriers carry it! Like t mobile, sprint. What bull! How dare Apple try to scar ppl this way. I am with the other poster. I hope that having your phone unlocked/jail broke stays legal. I paid my money for my damn phone. I should be able to do whatever I want with it (with in reason). Your little article didn’t get to me Apple!

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