Video Guide: redsn0w jailbreak for Apple iPhone 3GS

Speaking of iPhone jailbreaking, the iPhone Dev Team has now gone live with their redsn0w iPhone 3GS jailbreak, something they were holding off on doing and waiting for the iPhone OS 3.1 update reports Intomobile.

Redsn0w replaces QuickPWN and preserves the iPhone 3.0 baseband for future iPhone OS releases which is important for people who want to unlock their iPhones at a later date. Once you have jailbroken you can then use ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone.

We have a video demonstration for iPhoners on unlocking the iPhone 3GS, which can be viewed below, so hit it up and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Video Guide: redsn0w jailbreak for Apple iPhone 3GS”

  1. BlueBear says:

    What’s program did you install on the iPhone 3GS? Would you please mail it to me at meblue14(yahoo!).
    Thx in advance if you able to do it.

  2. michael says:

    What to didn’t mention is after unlocking it… everytime apple upgrades like they do twice a year… you have to unlock it again and again…. or am i wrong ?

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