Why the Nokia N86 Does Not Need Xenon Flash

As the Nokia N86 8MP handset doesn’t feature a Xenon flash unlike the Nokia N82, Nokia has released a statement claiming the Nokia N86 doesn’t require a Xenon unit to make good low light pictures.

According to an article on conversations.nokia.com, capturing low light images is something the Nokia N86 does with some skill and sport 2 fundamental improvements, firstly a larger than normal aperture that is variable and changes size based on the amount of light.

Secondly the Nokia N86 features a much more sensitive sensor which can handle a more detailed, defined image capture. I could go on but we have a slide presentation for your viewing pleasure which explains it so much better


2 thoughts on “Why the Nokia N86 Does Not Need Xenon Flash”

  1. rtp says:

    sigh. camera phone sensors are small. many shots need to be taken in poor / low light, when graininess is an issue. the xenon flash on my N82 is a huge improvement over other phones. it seems a strategic error on Nokia’s part. wider aperture and more sensitive sensor is good, but what is the rubbish about not needing quality flash? Samsung and Sony have BOTH LED and xenon on their cameras. releasing statements such as the one just seems juvenile (the stubborn 18 y old).

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