More information on HTC Hero with Sprint

GSM HTC Hero will probably never hit The States with its US 3G compatibility. However a screenshot has been exposed by Engadget which pretty much verifies plans by HTC to release an HTC Hero for Sprint’s CDMA network.

Sprint HTC Hero is expected to be supported by the HTC’s website site in the near future. The screenshot confirms this. Who’s to know what may happen between the launch of the smartphone and now? Hopefully the US will get a look at the Hero.

But how long exactly will the exclusivity agreement last for Sprint’s HTC Hero? We would love to know what you think about all this, please post all your comments below in the area provided.

Source – into mobile


3 thoughts on “More information on HTC Hero with Sprint”

  1. I could not recreate this on the HTC website, everyone is carrying this story; which is a fraud. If you look closer it says Canada, Canada DOES NOT carry Sprint. So this is not true and you are misleading people.

  2. DFresh says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait till this comes out on the Sprint network. Been waiting to upgrade my original touch which is a couple years old now.

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