Strange News: Apple censor dictionary app

Apple has considered using an English dictionary. The dictionary app Ninjawords was rejected for having intolerable contents. The dictionary took some time to make Apple said and the only way vulgar words would come up is if someone had typed them in.

Apple say, you would already need to know the word in which you want to search in order to look it up, therefore you would already have the vulgar word in mind. Three months after first being presented, Ningawords was admitted to the app store, this was after 3 rejections.

As everyone and their brother know there are some 55,000 applications in the Apple iTunes App Store, this Apple has already admitted them without any problems what so ever. However, these kind of decisions quickly define policies, and some are beginning to believe said Apple App Store policies are beginning to become garbage.

The censoring of content, rejecting applications which “duplicate functionality” and turning away submissions of apps like unsavory search results doesn’t go anywhere to protecting the end user. Basically this makes Apple who asked people to “think differently” look like they don’t have the ability to think at all.

source – Engadget mobile


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