Nokia’s first 3G phone based on TD-SCDMA format by end 2009

According to Colin Giles, Nokia’s president for China, despite being the sole operator for using TD SCDMA it still makes sense to develop handsets for 3D technology.

Nokia will release its first 3G phone based on a Symbian handset in the medium to high price bracket, before the end of 2009. It’s not unexpected that Nokia is developing a TD-SCDMA handset, as last year Giles had confirmed that the company would be developing handsets based on Chinese technology.

Nokia holds a 49% share in Chinese joint venture, Potevio and China Putian to develop network infrastructure based on the 3G standard. So it already has the necessary access to the technical expertise required. Set up in 2005 Potevio has also been the major supplier to China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA trial networks. Source – cellular-news.com

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