Samsung Omnia HD i8910 How to: Setting up Photo and adding contacts

The Samsung Omnia HD i8910 features a touch screen user interface that supports widgets and has a neat photo Contacts feature where images on the handset can be associated with a contact states an article on know your mobile.

So her’s how to set up photo contacts on the Samsung Omnia HD i8910 handset…swipe a finger across the home screen, in photo contacts tap the centre panel to add a new photo contact and a list of stored images will be displayed, scroll to locate the desired image, drag up or down the display or press the sidebar and drag your finger, once the image is found press it twice to select and the image will be added to the photo contacts screen, once there you can assign contacts to the image.

To add contacts…press edit, press add area and a small yellow box will appear, drag and drop the box anywhere on the display, resize by dragging the corner of the box, and press OK, options box opens and press link to phonebook and you’ll be taken to the photo contacts list, locate contact and assign to the photo contact image, press contact twice to select, a select phone number appears, select the number and press OK and the contact number is assigned to the image.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia HD i8910 How to: Setting up Photo and adding contacts”

  1. Fátima says:

    Hi! I recently bought Samsung OMNIA HD and I was trying to set up my photo contacts. As far as setting up the photo and contact that links to it everything is fine, but when I chose the number for the contact, it always picks the first one, as much as I specify a different one. Any suggestions??

  2. Genalin S. Cuanan says:

    Hello, I just bought my Samsung Omnia HD i8910 last week, i was trying to set up my music from my microSD Card, query: the songs were stored in the memory, when i use my headset, the songs did not play continously, i have to keep on pressing the "back" key, then select the next song, then press again the "play" key, I WANT IT TO BE PLAYED "AUTOMATICALLY", WHAT WILL I DO, PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICES ON HOW & WHAT TO DO, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…,Thanks…

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