Videos: HTC Hero verses iPhone 3GS Comparison Dogfight

Two mighty smartphones go up against each other this time in the iPhone 3GS verses the HTC Hero in a two part smartphone dogfight.

But is the HTC Hero’s new Sense user interface enough to take down the might of the Apple iPhone 3GS? Well you can find out as we have a couple of dogfight videos courtesy of daily mobile for your viewing entertainment.

Make sure you allocate a bit of time though as this is probably the longest smartphone comparison you’ve seen in a while with the total viewing time as about 20 minutes. So hit up the iPhone 3GS vs. HTC Hero comparison videos below and enjoy. Let’s thank Phonedog.com for the videos shown below.


5 thoughts on “Videos: HTC Hero verses iPhone 3GS Comparison Dogfight”

  1. Michael Mingo says:

    You are incorrect in your statement that the mail icon on the iphone will not update unless you go into it – you can set the iphone to check mail every 15, 30 minutes, etc. So you don’t need to launch the app to see if you have new mail – in addition Yahoo mail is push email – as is mobileme – so notifications are instant.

    It was also interesting when you showed the email mesasge on both phones – the iphone automatically auto-fits the message to the screen – the Hero requires you to pinch and zoom to fit it off the bat – instead of auto-sizing it.

    Interesting note – the screen on the iphone looks awesome in your video compared to the Hero – the Hero looks very reflective and dull and does not have as much contrast as the iphone – you should have made that mention in your review.

    You also made no mention of how the ability to run processes in the background affect battery life – it has to be a huge drain.

  2. Dave says:

    obviously a iphone person. not because playing up iphone strong point and down multitasking but no mention of hero’s strong points. i dont own either phone. but would like to see some arguments from hero’s angle.

    how good is iphone battery life w/o multitasking. i have 4 colleagues in my office w/ iphone. everyone says it sox, even on 3G. not to mention worse on 3GS. multitasking is obviously a forbidden word for iphone.

  3. Terrence says:

    In reply to the previous comment about the Hero’s display quality. The HTC Hero’s has a light sensor located at the top of the phone that allows it to auto adjust in differnt light settings. Therefore I sure in person the display quality was alot better than it appeared in video.

  4. jeversion1 says:

    I have had both phones. The us version of the hero on sprint. To clear some things up. I tried using the hero as my personal phone instead of the iphone and was mildly successful. mildly. The onscreen keyboard on the hero was good …until the lag set in. more than 3 widgets on your phone for say twitter or facebook and believe it or not, the weather widget is a big culprit and your phone has performance issues that cant even be expected or worked around because they are too variant. (love the feedback on it though , wish iphone did that) Speaking of that much vibrating kills battery so you should turn it off. And yes multi tasking kills battery on all phones. (trust me ive been trying to find a reason to get rid of my iphone forever) Second misconception. The iphone does multi task. Look it up if you dont believe me. Its actually more depending on the coding of the software because certain applications like tetris and such can start off right where you left off when you switch screens. Some applications are denied this access by apple because of the battery drain that the application itself leaves. The iphone also has auto dimming actually was one of the 1st phones to have a separate sensor for it. The hero didnt look that nice in person with its auto dimming. It was VERY glary in person. If you want to hear what the htc has going for it
    here it is
    much easier to type on than any other on the market android device
    does have enough skills to compete with the iphone if it had a faster processor
    extremely excels in offering me a way to not be tied down to the way apple likes to use these stupid boxes for the application and customize my phone the way i like it to be for even faster use than the iphone (which is hard to say)
    and thats really it.

    The phone dies quicker than my iphone (maybe because of the texting bug)
    The phone screen is smaller and becomes way less responsive with just a few apps open.
    And i know there are way too many apps on the app store for iphone but, until android has the same quality of apps and can use apps with more 3d support it wont work for me
    and im on a mac so when i try to transfer files to my phone i have to drag and drop, leaving me with not much of my album artwork and that is the reason i have iphone is because i was tired of caring around a mp3 player and a blackberry.

    hopefully no one thinks im biased because I have actually been trying to knock my iphone off its high horse (read as…trying every smartphone out and then returning) and so far the hero and blackberry storm 2 have come close. IF the sony x10 works the way they show. It might be it.

  5. otto says:

    Me and my brother bought a hero and an iphone… unboxed we made the comparaison, here in France with 3g actually hero is a bit faster… i prefere its interface but it is personal and also screen and colors they are better on iphone is kind of blue.
    our experience, but why there is only one video of the comparaison on internet?

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