Apple iPhone 3GS: new oleophobic coating is fingerprint resistant

The new iPhone 3GS features a fingerprint resistant olephobic coating to do away with fingerprint problems. The other iPhone and iPod Touch devices do not have this.

You may be asking yourself, what is an Oleophobic coating? Well an Oleophobic coating is if you touch your touchscreen smartphone with oily fingers your fingerprints will show all over the screen but with an Oleophobic coating this will make your iPhone 3GS fingerprint resistant.

Back in July a report of someone’s oleophobic coating wearing away was found. The person whose iPhone it is, is said to have left it out in hot weather over a long period of time which caused the Oleophobic coating to wear away.

It is advised by Apple that you don’t leave your iPhone in places where temperatures range from 20C to 45C, such as your car. It does have an easy user guide to help clean the coating, just wipe your iPhones screen with a lint-free, soft cloth, this will remove any oil left by your fingerprints. Let us know what you think of the new Apple iPhone 3GS oleophobic coating.

Source – quickpwn.com

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