Google Voice WebApp for iPhone will Apple accept?

We all know that Apple rejected the Google Voice application from the App Store, there’s a big investigation going on about it by the FCC. So according to the iphone blog, Google has now released Google Voice as a webApp and is targeted towards the iPhone.

The word is Google is gearing up a replacement for the Google Voice application which will offer the exact same features as the original rejected application with the difference being it will take the shape of a specialised iPhone shaped web page.

So will Apple now accept Google Voice as a WebApp?


One thought on “Google Voice WebApp for iPhone will Apple accept?”

  1. Myke says:

    As far as I know Google hasn’t released the Webapp yet. Is there something you know that the rest of the tech world doesn’t? And I don’t think Apple has a choice in whether they accept a Webapp or not. That’s why Google is making a Webapp because Apple can’t block it. Not very knowledgeable on things iPhoney are you.

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