BlackBerry smartphones have 26 advantages over an iPhone?

The now hugely famous iPhone often gains a great deal of attention and coverage from tech writers and owners of the iPhone, but the BlackBerry smartphone can also hold its own against the mighty iPhone.

Maybe you don’t think a BlackBerry smartphone has any advantage over the iconic iPhone, but SeekingAlpha’s Anton Walman thinks otherwise and has come up with a list on 26 advantages a BlackBerry has over an iPhone.

Some of those advantages are… A BlackBerry can be used on virtually every carrier in the world, over 475 to be precise while in the United States the iPhone is available on 1, AT&T…there are 5 form factors with a BlackBerry, candy-bar, flip, small keyboard, larger keyboard and no keyboard… a BlackBerry has a removable battery…for the full list hit up the link.

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