Motorola Endeavor HX1 for only $159.99 with Sprint

The Motorola Endeavor is good isn’t it? Possibly the best some would say, but how good is good and what’s the price for good?

Is it really worth $160 of your hard earned cash, that’s for you to decide. A recent poster seen on HTCPedia has shown pictures of a retail HX1 in the wild (possibly only for Asian distribution), together with a red hot rumour that it will be launching a Sprint exclusive within the next month at a whopping $159.99.

Okay so maybe the advertising wasn’t cheap, but no matter how good the HXI actually is, it is extremely tough for the average phone owner to justify this price and actually spending more o their handsfree than they do on the actual phone itself.
For more information go to engadgetmobile.com

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