Rogers cheap Dream (T-Mobile G1) and the Magic (T-Mobile myTouch 3G)

Some information here for T-Mobile, have a quick look if you wouldn’t mind doing so just north of the border, and what do you see?

Our dear friends on Rogers have actually reduced not only the Dream but also the Magic equivalent to your GI and myTouch. The price is just $79.99 on a three year contract.

Okay so the three year dear is a whole lot longer than the old fashioned American two year deal in fact a whole twelve months, however we would request your forgiveness while we all start working on our visa applications. And we’d also like to mention something else that we’ve heard not like we want to start rumours but, we have been informed that there is a version of the Hero kicking around that would also work wonders on Rogers.
Source – engadgetmobile.com

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