Sony Ericsson MH100 Wireless Headset and Anio Manual at FCC

The guys over at engadget mobile have been snooping the FCC again and this time they have spotted the Sony Ericsson MH100, a colour coordinated A2DP clip on wireless stereo headphones with a 3.5mm jack and remote control, the perfect complement to the Sony Ericsson Anio.

The good thing is that you won’t need to hand over a bundle of cash for the Sony Ericsson MH100 either as it comes in the box with the Sony Ericsson Anio handset.

Also, while snooping they came across a user manual for the Sony Ericsson Anio that gives the low down on such things as Remote Play, interface details, and built in Facebook client.


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  1. jim bointon says:

    i’ve had a problem with my with The MH100 wireless headset that came with my Aino.. It had been working fine for a week or so but is now connecting, playing music for bout 30 seconds and then turning itself off, it’s definitely got enough battery i charged it full beforehand.. anybody got any suggestions? i will be glad to hear if anyone else is having this problem and if there are any solutions..thanks

  2. Alex says:

    Woaaa, “nice” to see that i´m not the only one having problems with the headset, mine is brand new but i can only turn it on rigth after removing it from the charger stand, it will play for as long as I let it but if I turn it of I cant turn it back on without connecting it to the battery charger for just a couple of seconds.

  3. Reece says:

    I am also having trouble turning it on. Its in the docking station with all 4 green lights on. When I take it out and push the on button on the bottom nothing happens.

    Any ideas, I expect its just me being stupid….


  4. ryan says:

    My MH100 stopped working. I’ve had it for about a month, now when it’s on the charger it only has one light flashing but when you take it off, nothing happens at all.

  5. Dean says:

    gerry you plug the charger in at the mains, then the charger into the back of the docing station… then you put your phone on one end and the mh 100 on the other

  6. Kenzee says:

    I have problem with the headphone MH-100 too! ive had it for 2 month, working perfectly, listening to music last night, put oit on the charger but now it wont charge or turn on at all!!! whatever I do it wont! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease PLEASE help!!!!!

  7. katie says:

    My MH100 was charged, worked for about 4 hours and then never worked again. It was swapped after jumping through some pointless hoops for O2 only for the same to happen again… very poor product I say yet another bimbo phone

  8. Mae says:

    Hey i have a slightly different problem…
    When i turn my bluetooth on (on phone), its unable to search up my bt headset…so it doesnt connect >< and my headset is on too…could anyone plz help me out?? I’ve only gotten my phone about a month ago`Everything’s brand new!!!

    1. Chekas says:

      Hey mae! Sorry to bother you, but I have the same problem with my MH100 right now. The phone can't find it. Did u find a solution for it ? If u did,could u tell me? Cuz I am about to go crazy cuz of this. It would just make my day!
      Thank u sososo much x)

  9. oje says:

    I’ve had my Aino since december and about 2 week ago I noticed that I loss connection easily with my phone whenever I am on the go. I figured peraphs it is because it is cold and slightly windy outside but 2 day ago it just stop working. I got home, place on the charger, but nothing happens. Called sony and they promise to sell a replacement as soon as it is avialable. Anyone knows when the “mw600” will be release for sale ?

  10. matthew says:

    1st : switch on mobile bluethoot
    2nd : press and hold ‘on’ button of headset until ull lights flashes blue and green
    3rd : from mobile serch for new bluethoot device
    it must be listed than just go on it and pair

  11. Maddy says:

    Guys… SE is not good enough to make bluetooth handsfree. I had a different model – DS205 but after a month usage… showed same signs… charged enough but doesnt gets switched on …. now i got MH100 as a replacement.. lets see how it performs… but seriously.. not at all happy with SE as far as bluetooth handsfree are concerned.

  12. Aino says:

    Hey there,

    does anyone know how to connect the mh100 to the aino?

    i’ve tried turning the bluetooth on the phone on, and then switching the mh100 on when the lights flash green and blue, doesn’t seem to connect!

  13. hazwan says:

    hey people..

    i have the same problem as some of u guys here..i cant seem to connect my mh100 bluetooth to my aino hp..however..my hp can detect other bluetooth devices..
    help… 🙁

  14. aditya says:

    hey i answered a call on my mh 100…and now the music doesnt play..but the phone shows tat it is playin …i can change the music and stuff thro the mh100 though…but ya i can still continue to talk on the phone now…

    1. Stephanie Key says:

      I have the same problem, I have used the wireless headphones for a phone call. My new phone is brand new and i decided to play around with it, however i try to change songs by using the headphones and it wont let me or pause or play the songs using the devices as before i was able to. I am dissapointed does anyone no if the is two setting that change the phone to being able to conect and use the earphones for music?

  15. mike says:

    I know we're discussing about the bluetooth headset here. Mine works fine, but I've lost the ability to use the touch screen and when the slider is closed, the back light will not turn off, anyone else having these problems?

  16. anika says:

    i just got my aino and my mh100 thing worked for 1 hole day and all of a sudden it went just showed one light which is green i even try to charge it but it wont work it stays green any help plz peole cheerz

  17. Adrian says:

    First of all turning bluetooth "ON" should do the work to connect your headset through your phone. MH100 is configured as auto connect when your phone's bluetooth is on and mh100 is also turn on, if that doesn't work, their could be alot of problems that may occurred, First MH100 is not properly charged, charged it at least 2 – 3 hrs, to know if your device is charging the green lights should turn on and the light should be moving from down going up. try connecting the device again by turning the bluetooth and the mh100 on, if you are successfully connected your device to your phone their should be an icon of mh100, icon is blue in color and it is located at the upper left corner of the screen next to the signal icon, if their is an icon the device is now connected to the phone try playing some music if you did not hear anything try changing the volume of the device by sliding your finger at the side of the device, you should see the + and – sign to see the control volume of the device. wight lights should come and their should be 4 lights indicating that it is in a high volume.

  18. Dave says:

    A friend got one, almost the same, it works, it change track and play/pause, but no sound. . . She Went to te Store and they told her, that she have to charge it only by 2 Hours, no more. . . and problem solve…. also sometimes if that happens just reset it.

  19. Påvas says:

    For all of you that are having problem with this wireless bluetooth headset:
    1. Charge the headset up properly.
    2. After you have charge the headset, put on your mobile.(It should also be fully loaded.)

  20. Påvas says:

    3. Now, here comes the part that i think many people are failing at,(i failed too, so i called the shop at witch i bought it at and asked them how to do.) Hold in the ON/OFF button at the headset AND the RIGHT song changer button(I dont know its name, but its the button with two arrows after each other to the right of the play/pause button)
    After you have been pressing the buttons for a while, the lights starts blinking blue and green. Now start up your bluetooth at your mobile and start searching the headset. Soon the headset will pop up at the screen and i hope that you can figure the rest out by yourselves.

    1. mwalsh says:

      this has been the best advice. my MH100 failed on me..no lights, wouldn't charge. it was dead. i ordered an other from e bay. arrived 5 days later. i wondered how to connect the new device to the phone. this worked beautifully. thanks for putting the smile back on my face.xxx

  21. Påvas says:

    And, its a great headset once you get it t work, and if you get anymore problem with the headset, just reset it again(ON/OFF button + the right arrow key.)
    And even if the phone finds the headset, but your still ahving a problem with it, RESET!
    Reset will fix most of the problems, unless its completely broken 🙂

    And, english is not my native language, so please, have indulgence


  22. Mads says:

    My headset wont work. it wont turn on. i used it for a month with no problems, but then it started having problems with turning off. and then one day it ran out of power, but this time i couldnt turn it on and havent been able to since then

    tried pÃ¥vas’ advice but it didnt work. im gonna send it for repair soon. then we’ll see.

  23. sea says:

    does anyone know how to connect the mh100 to the aino?

    i've tried turning the bluetooth on the phone on, and then switching the mh100 on when the lights flash green and blue, doesn't seem to connect!

  24. aluikok says:

    mne oso face d same pblem….myb it is a wrong decision 2 buy aino
    but ill try to connect it again….how long can we use d headet 2 hear song wthout
    brojke it?????to make sure it stay long life………………… : )

  25. Hi guys is there any way to connect this headset with my laptop so that i can use it as earphone.

    currently I am just able to connect it I am not able to listen music from it

  26. prx143 says:

    – Turn off your mobile phone;

    – Turn off the MH100 headset;

    – Hold down the power button on the headset until the indicator lights flash blue and green alternately;

    – Then simultaneously hold down the call and power buttons until the headset switches off.

    – This will reset the headset and should then work fine.

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Bryan says:

    hello everybody..
    can i charge the MH100 by using sony ericson phone charger without using the dock (stand)??
    because my fren lost the dock.and she asking me this question. thanks

  28. I have had MH100 for seven months but today it totally died after playing my music for 30secs. It was fully charged but now I cannot even power on. I connected that back to the charging craddle but no lights as well. The life span of my device is only 120hours. Very disappointed with SE.
    I am thinking of getting another BT device that I can use with Aino. Can anyone recommend a good reliable device?
    Many thanks.

  29. Pro says:

    My only comment for this is that there is a bunch of idiots out there, and they all seem to post on this forum. If you dont know the first thing about bluetooth devices, read the f****g manual. How hard can it be?

  30. Ennio says:

    just reset the device: turn it off, then press the on/off button and hold it for more than 10 seconds, you will hear a beep when the device will turn on, then one more beep after 10 seconds – which means that your device now is reset to default settings. Now just turn it off again, then turn on and connect it to your Aino.

    Now the music plays through the device again. =)

  31. ronlongno says:

    Sir is there a possible that my mh100 can connect w/ the other brand of mobile?my mobile samsung when i turn on mybbluetooth i cant find the mh100 connectivity but it is on…teach me how to connect please..ty

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