Modula colour therapy lamp controlled by mobile Bluetooth

The details on the Modula colour therapy lamp are a little sketchy at the moment but it’s not to be overlooked. The lamp is 3 ringed and is build with multi-coloured lights, more than likely to be LEDs. It can be used as just a white lamp as well.

The lights are all wired up and are controlled using Bluetooth. They have used the Sony Ericsson W880i to do a video demonstration. There is no sign of how the final user is supposed to achieve the colour changing once it has arrived. At present the only version available is an EU-friendly 230V version.

Those not in the EU will have to look very hard for converters so it is compatible. This device is to cost as little as €199 ($281). You can tune the lamp to fit flawlessly for any task. This will give you a whole lot of entertainment. You never know we may see this available for other devices too.

Source – engadgetmobile.com

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