O2 partnership with Telmap for new GPS Navigation

An agreement has been made with Telmap, O2 has announced. This agreement will see its mapping service and personal navigation made available to O2 customers, this will be on most GPS-enabled devices sold by O2.

Telmap and O2 have been working closely together to optimize the application so that it works on the O2 network and will provide a first level billing and customer support. Telmap’s Navigator has in-car 3D maps that have text-to-speech technology, turn by turn directions if walking, traffic alerts, and alternative route options.

The benefits O2 customers will get from relevant content are as follows, restaurant listings, places and businesses, event ticketing and other premium services. O2 will also have as a feature, points of interest such as Wi-Fi hotspots and O2 Academy venues. There will be a subscription charge added to O2 customers phone bills this is to make it easy to pay for Telmap.

Their customers will get the chance to trial the service for 14 days and if they do not like it they do not have to buy it. You will see the first handset that has this feature available in the autumn. A range of subscription packages will be available; these start from £3.50 a month. If you have a compatible device and are an existing customer you will be able to download the application.

Source – intomobile.com

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