Price leak for T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2

It would seem that the pricing was slightly incorrect on the Touch Pro 2 the first time round. This time we hope the information via TMoNews is correct. It should be as there is a picture which you can see this time.

This is a picture of a T-Mobile pricing sheet which has upcoming and current devices on it. It is said the Touch Pro 2 will cost $399.99 for a 1-year, $249.99 for 2-years and $549.99 with no contract. Do you think this is slightly too expensive for a full-QWERTY Touch Pro 2? You may even need to take out a small loan.

Personally we would wait until it hits the T-Mobile site before we believe what the real price is. If you think this is a reasonable price compared to other smartphones on the market then why not let us know in the comments box below, we would love to know what you think.

Source – intomobile.com


4 thoughts on “Price leak for T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2”

  1. letsmotor says:

    since i typically buy unlocked phones (unfortunately) this pricing isn’t bad for new out of the gate….but with phones coming in this fall from sammy , SE, and others, with more exciting specs, the TP2 price “should” drop.

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