Cool Concept Phones: The Leaf handset is powered by the sun

The Leaf handset by Junyi Heo and Seungkyn Woo is the new cool concept phone and guess what, it is powered by the sun! In theory the Leaf would charge as you wear it, by using a layer of flexible solar cells beneath its outside porous layer.

The functions on this phone are very minimal with only phone and text functions available. But you have got to remember you are charging this device by the sun so it can only do so much. If it is a cloudy day you can use electricity to recharge the phone using the cells on its back which the phone’s cradle hosts.

This is a fabulous idea it has some great mobile technology, the device has a speaker, LED dot display, flexible band, navi ball controller, solar charging and wearable electronics. The device will not allow you to play games or download music but this stuff is pretty amazing and it has an eco-friendly attitude.

Source – intomobile.com

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