Palm Pre webOS handset hardware gets a little tweak

If you were one of the first to own one of the early Palm Pres, you would have probably found out for yourself that it had build quality issues. Palm did act quickly from the reports and it looks as if Pres made in July and after, fixes a few of the issues.

In the last 15 days 20 people that bought the Palm Pre were surveyed and some interesting things were found. The Pres were made between 1st July and 29th July and come in the “sunset” packaging. Spider-web like cracks were reported by the users. There were no cracks anywhere out of the 20 people that done the survey.

The common thing with the early Pre was if you closed the keyboard using a bit of force it would shut off or reset itself. The Palm’s standard battery and Pre’s battery compartment is the problem. There is a tiny gap created between the connectors when the user closes the keyboard, this is not for long but just enough time to reset or shut of the Pre.

A gray foam was added behind the tab which you pull to take the battery out this was to fix the problem. Worth a mention is the first lot of Pres had a centre button a bit like a pearl and the new ones have a silvery finish, this is not an issue. It is possible there could be more fixes and improvements, if you have had any, please let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Palm Pre webOS handset hardware gets a little tweak”

  1. Tyler! says:

    I have one of the newer models. I haven’t had any problems with the Pre shutting itself off and no spider-like cracks on the screen. The silver coating on the Center Button is cheap, though; it’s been flaking off from heavy use.

  2. Walt says:

    My new Palm Pre shuts off randomly. I took it back to the store where I bought it and they advised me to go to their shop that handles problems. I was also told that they might replace it, but it could be with a reconditioned phone. I just bought it, and wonder what else can I do-I certainly don’t want a used phone for a replacement of a new one.

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