HTC Hero: How to get new S2U2 theme on handset

Psst…gone a HTC Hero and want to get the S2U2 Hero theme on your smartphone? Okay then, here’s how to do it according to an article over on pocketnow.

First grab the latest version of S2U2, register for free and download the appropriate PointSense S2U2 files, backup “dfx” folder which is in “Device\Program Files\S2U2” directory, nect connect your HTC Hero via ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre, then unzip PointSense S2U2 files, drag all 12 files in that folder to “Device\Program Files\S2U2\gfx” and overwrite existing files, then soft reset and the job is done.

S2U2 is considered the king of screen locking applications for Windows Mobile and features the ability to customise its graphics.

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